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Is Your Team Ready For the Upcoming  

Our product, the Change Readiness Dashboard, is a cutting-edge tool designed for organizations undergoing significant transformations. It addresses the common challenge of resistance to change by providing leaders with a comprehensive analysis of their team's readiness, pinpointing areas of strength and those in need of support. This enables targeted strategies for enhancing adaptability and engagement, ensuring smoother transitions, minimizing disruptions, and maximizing the success of new initiatives. Essentially, it turns the daunting task of managing change into a strategic advantage for your organization.

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We asked leaders....

81% say there is a clear need for better tools to navigate change.  

84% clearly see the value of investing in change management tools/resources 

If you're ready to prepare your employees, customers, or community for an upcoming transformation, contact us today. 


Strategize and execute your Change Readiness plan with Barefoot in the Boardroom

Barefoot in the Boardroom is a practical change management manual for executives that breaks down long-term goals into manageable steps so you can see and measure progress. Purchase one for yourself and all of the leaders in your organization. Order your signed copy today. 

Very Strategic and Innovative.

The success and sustainability of any team requires implementing relevant initiatives to accommodate new-and-improved outcomes. The customer of the future has pivoted to supporting businesses that reflect social and environmental initiatives, thus every organization should be evaluating methods to create impact, positive experiences and profitability.

Christina Dyer, CEO, Positively Panache Gifts LLC & Embellished Butterfly LLC

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Success Stories

"Shara's Change Preparedness Workshop was a revelation for our leadership team. Her engaging methods illuminated blind spots in our planning process and empowered us with strategies to actively involve our employees. As a result, we've developed a robust change roadmap that truly resonates with our staff at every level." - Jim H, VP of HR

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